Seeking Parliaments Result of Governments’ Reluctance to Recognize Palestine

RAMALLAH, December 14, 2014 (WAFA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunday explained that addressing the parliaments of European countries came as a response to their governments’ reluctance to recognize Palestine as an independent state, while using negotiations as an excuse.

The ministry clarified in a press statement its reasons for seeking recognition from European parliaments saying it has tried to expose the difficulty of establishing a Palestinian state relying solely on negotiations, because of Israel’s position and constant attempts to foil the peace talks and using negotiations as an excuse to obstruct European countries’ recognition.

The ministry said it plans to create pressure on European governments from the bottom to top in order to make the recognition of Palestine a question of ethics, which would force the governments in question to deal with it within a fixed timeframe.

The Palestinian leadership is convinced that the negotiations path in its current form is not effective and makes the statehood an indefinite issue, therefore, the ministry has considered activating all possible operational tools to create an interactive new state out of the ordinary framework to achieve the same goal, which is recognizing Palestine as an independent state.

The ministry believes European parliaments’ recognition of Palestine is a pressure tool on reluctant governments, which in turn will pressure the entire international community, including the United States, as the main broker for peace.

The ministry welcomed the European parliamentarians, conferences, and parties’ recognition of Palestine as a guarantee for the success of negotiations to reach a solution for the conflict.