Settlements: Søvndal asks Israeli ambassador for a conversation in the foreign ministry

With point of departure in the Israeli government announcing new and comprehensive settlement activities on the West Bank and in East-Jerusalem the Israeli ambassador was today formally summoned to the foreign ministry at foreign minister Villy Søvndal request.

The Danish government brought it to the ambassador’s attention how seriously Denmark and Europe look at the Israeli government’s decision about wanting to approve 3000 additional settlement units.

It was stressed that Denmark and the EU repeatedly had stated that every kind of settlement activity is illegal according to international law. It was also stressed that settlement activities constitute a direct hindrance to reach a peaceful solution.

The Ambassador was requested to forward the Danish encouragement to reverse the decision of his government about the new settlement activities and other measures the Israeli government considers wiht regards to the Palestinians. Such measures are illegal and they have severe consequences for ordinary Palestinians.

Finally a call to Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas to resume the negotiations towards a two-state solution was repeated.

Source: The Danish Foreign Ministry