Settlers Attack Palestinians Picking Olives South of Nablus

NABLUS, October 31, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers Saturday attacked Palestinian olive pickers in the village of Burin to the south of Nablus, however, no injuries were reported.

Rabbis for Human Rights Palestinian field worker, Zakaria Sadah, informed WAFA that dozens of settlers attacked Palestinians while they were harvesting their olives in land located adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Yitzhar.

Following settlers’ attack,  Israeli army, who provided settlers with protection,  reportedly forced Palestinians out of their land.

Settlers have stepped up their violent attacks against Palestinians and their properties during the past few weeks, amid growing tension and renewing clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army and police.

Clashes have been witnessed across the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and Gaza, as well as in Arab communities inside the occupied 1948 land, against the backdrop of Israel’s repeated assaults against al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem.

Israel has been enforcing a temporal division on the compound, the third holiest place in Islam, which ignited strong feelings of anger among Palestinians.

On July 31, Israeli extremists set fire to a house in Duma, to the south of Nablus, burning 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh to death and critically injuring his entire family, including his father and mother, who later succumbed to their wounds.

Ali’s 4-year-old brother, Ahmad, who is the last surviving member of the Dawabsheh family, is still receiving treatment at Israeli hospitals.

As anticipated by the Israeli human Rights Center, B’Tselem, following the Duma crime, the center said that, “the clock is ticking in the countdown to the next arson attack, and the one after.”

The center said that, ““Palestinians are left unprotected not due to any lack of legal means, but because the authorities employ an unofficial yet longstanding policy of leniency and lack of law enforcement on violent settlers.”

Settlements are illegal under international law as they violate Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of the occupying power’s civilian population into occupied territory.