Settler’s Hit and Run Injures Palestinian in Hebron

HEBRON, February 1, 2015 (WAFA) – An Israeli settler Sunday ran over a Palestinian in the city of Hebron, according to witnesses.

Residents present at the scene said a settler ran over Raed Abu-Ramliya, 34, with his car and fled the accident scene.

Abu-Rmela sustained injuries and bruises in his upper leg and was transferred to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Until the moment, the motive behind the incident remains unknown. However, in the past years, recurrent hit-and-run attacks carried out by settlers against Palestinians were reported.

on October 19 2014, an Israeli settler deliberately ran over two Palestinian kindergarten girls near Ramallah, killing one of them and seriously injuring the other, yet there were no reports of any police action against him. The Israeli side declared the incident as ‘an unintentional accident’.

While settlers survive any legal proceeding in most run-over incidents of Palestinians, direct shooting and killing orders are taken right away by Israeli army and police in case the driver was a Palestinian.

On October 29 2014, the Palestinian foreign ministry issued a statement denouncing Israel’s discriminatory treatment of Palestinians and Israelis, stressing that Israel follows an obvious discrimination policy in handling incidents committed by Israelis.

Israel declares such incidents, when committed by Palestinians, as ‘terror acts’ without conducting proper investigations.