Settlers’ Violence Continue to Target Palestinian Children: Six Years Old Girl Injured in Hebron

HEBRON, March 23, 2015 (WAFA) – Two Israeli settlers Sunday attacked two Palestinian girls, by throwing stones at them and injured a six-year-old child during the attack, reported Operation Dove.

In a detailed report issued by Operation Dove, non-violent peace organization, at 3pm, three Palestinian girls were collecting herbs for the family’s livestock near the village of Tuba when two masked settlers coming from the Israeli illegal outpost of Havat Ma’on ran after the girls and threw stones at them, hitting a six-year-old child in the head and leg.

The little girl was treated at the scene by an Israeli military doctor almost two hours after the incident. The little girl and her uncle went to Kyriat Arba police station in order to file a complaint against the settlers responsible of the attack.

The wounded girl was admitted to the local medical clinic of Yatta, where the doctors stitched her wounded head.

The attacks against the Palestinian residents of the South Hebron hills are not a rare incident.  The residents of the area have been suffering nonstop from the presence of Israeli settlers since the 1970.

By occupying Palestinian agricultural lands and destroying families’ olive trees, crops and property, the settlers succeed in depriving the Palestinians of their main livelihood.

Olive trees account for 70% of fruit production in Palestine and contribute around 14% to the Palestinian economy. A total of 93% of the olive harvest is used for olive oil production while the rest is used for olive soap, table olives and pickles.

Ongoing settlers’ violence deprives Palestinian families also of security in daily life, and restricts their freedom of movement and travel.

On the same day, groups of settlers walked through Palestinian lands in this area, harassing shepherds and international volunteers all day long. The harassment is not a solo action but a systematic policy. Twelve days ago, three masked settler youth coming from the same illegal outpost of Havat Ma’on, threw stones towards Palestinian children who were collecting herbs in Meshaha Valley, not so far from where the girls were attacked.

In a related event, four years ago the father of the little injured girl was stabbed by a Havat Ma’on settler in his arm and stomach while he was going to the village of At-Tuwani.

Despite attempts by settlers to force Palestinian residents out of their homes through the use of extreme violence and intimidation, the families of the South Hebron Hills assert their faith in and commitment to nonviolent popular resistance against the Israeli occupation.