Spain Expresses Satisfaction at Indefinite Ceasefire Agreement in Gaza


MADRID, August 30, 2014 – (WAFA) – Spain expressed Saturday satisfaction at the indefinite ceasefire agreement reached in Gaza.

In a press release issued online, the Spanish Foreign Ministry thanked Egypt, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the European Union and other countries for their efforts to help reach this agreement.

The Ministry called on the parties “to respect their commitments and to further develop the process that provides for subsequent negotiations aimed at broadening the scope of the agreement.”

“Henceforth, it is essential that the parties re-launch a political process capable of achieving progress on the two-State solution under which Israel and Palestine can co-exist in peace and security, the only way to prevent a serious crisis with such tragic consequences from happening again,” stated the Ministry.

“In this regard, it is fundamental and essential that Gaza be placed under the control of a government run by the Palestinian National Authority with leadership from President Mahmoud Abbas,” added the Ministry.

“Spain will continue to work closely with its EU partners to help achieve a definitive and negotiated solution to the conflict,” concluded the Ministry.

Source: WAFA