Teen Manasra Describes Brutal Abuse by Israeli Police, Settlers

RAMALLAH, October 24, 2015 (WAFA) – Teenager Ahmad Manasra – who was seen in a video that went viral laying helplessly on the ground with a head wound – with settlers terrorizing,and assaulting him, while shouting ‘kill him’, after being attacked and run over by Israeli police for his alleged partaking in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem – tells the story of the agonizing abuse he witnessed at the hands of Israeli police and settlers.


According to a previous statement made by the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs (CPA’s) lawyer, Tareq Barghouth, Manasrah – who was recently discharged from Israeli hospitals, where he was being severally maltreated by police guards, and is currently held in HaSharoun Israeli jail – was detained  after being attacked and severally injured – for allegedly partaking in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem, ‘despite the fact that he himself was not involved.’


Heba Masalha, an attorney with the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs (CPA), reported on a sworn affidavit submitted  by 14, year-old Ahmad Manasra, where he told the story of the excruciating experience he endured at the hands of Israeli police and settlers. and even by an Israeli civilian; whom Manasra reported was allowed in his room by Israeli police guards, and reportedly verbally assaulted him using extreme profanities against him and wished him dead.


Manasra, whom police accused, along with his 17-year-old cousin Husain Manasra who was shot dead by Israeli police, of allegedly carrying out an attack against an Israeli, said that he was chased and run over by an Israeli police vehicle, and when he tried to escape, settlers at the scene struck him repeatedly on his head with a club and verbally assaulted him, before he fell helplessly to the ground, with blood pouring from his head, while settlers shouted extreme profanities against him and kicked him with their hands and feet, while asking police – who did not provide Manasra with help –  to kill him.


Manasra sustained various critical injuries throughout his body.


Manasra said he woke up next to find himself tied to a hospital bed, under police guard, who reportedly abused him physically and verbally throughout his stay at the hospital. He said the guards kicked him and allowed an Israeli civilian to verbally assault him.



Manasra said he couldn’t eat because his right hand was tied to the bed, adding that he was not allowed to use the bathroom and was forced to urinate in a bottle.


He said that he was subjected to long hours of interrogation – with investigators assaulting him – while on his hospital bed, which further aggravated his excruciating pain.


On October 20, Manasra was transferred to jail, where he was also subjected to long hours of interrogation and verbal assault, while being strapped down to a chair by his hands and feet.


Manasra said he still suffers from severe pain in his head, neck, and back.