Thirty Four Palestinians Killed, 160 Injured on 16th Day of Israeli Aggression on Gaza (Update)


GAZA, July 23, 2014 – (WAFA) – Thirty four Palestinians were killed Wednesday and 160 others injured in the ongoing Israeli bombardment across Gaza Strip, bringing the total death toll to 665 and over 4,160 injuries.

An Israeli warplane targeted with a missile a wagon in the Bedouin village of Um An-Naser in northern Gaza Strip, claiming the life of a child and injuring four others.

Earlier, the bodies of several Palestinians killed Tuesday in Israeli bombardment were retrieved from the rubble, including an elderly’s body.

Earlier, Israeli warplanes pounded Az-Zaytoun neighborhood in central Gaza, claiming the life of a Palestinian and injuring 31 others.

Two Palestinians; Mujahed Marwan As-Sakafi, 20, from Ash-Shaja‘iya and ‘Adnan Ghazi Habib, 23, from Al-Mighraqa to the south of Gaza city died of injuries they sustained in earlier strikes.

Earlier, the bodies of four Palestinians, who were killed when their houses was targeted in Khan Younes in southern strip, were recovered from under the rubbles by Palestinian medics and rescue teams.

The bodies of other four Palestinians were recovered from under the rubble of their houses. They were identified as Mohammad Abu Radiya, his wife Shama Shahin, Khalil Abu Jame‘ and Husan Al-Qarra.

Israeli aerial and artillery bombardment continued to pound civilians’ homes in Khuza‘a and ‘Absan in Khan Younes district, claiming the lives of a number of Palestinians, of whom five Palestinians were identified, in addition to the injury of dozens others.

Since Tuesday evening, Israeli forces has deliberately closed down the three entrances of Kuza‘a and continue to bombard it, said a besieged resident. The besieged residents have been appealing for immediate intervention to evacuate them.

Earlier, Israeli artillery shelling targeted the minaret of Abu Salim mosque in Deir Al-Balah and  Al-Iman mosque in Al-Meghraqa.

The five Palestinians killed in Kuza‘a were identified by medics as Mohammad Mansour Al-Bashiti, 7, Zeinab Abu Teir, a child, Bassam Abdualla Abu T‘imeh, 23, Mohammad Na‘im Abu T‘imeh, 25 and Isma‘il Abu Tharifa, a PFLP leader. Israeli forces have obstructed medics’ access to the targeted area.

Three more Palestinians were killed during bombardment on Khan Younes. They were identified as Hamza Abu ‘Anza, 18, Ibrahim Abu ‘Asi, who succumbed to his wounds, and Wesam An-Najjar.

Israeli warplanes pounded civilians’ homes at Ash-Shayma in Beit Lahia, claiming the lives of four Palestinians. Two were identified as Osama Bahjat Rajat, 21, Mohammad Daoud Hammouda, 23.

Israeli strikes also targted two mosques; one in Beit Hanoun and the other to the west of Gaza.

Meanwhile, Israeli F-16 fighter jets pounded a house in Ash-Shaja‘iya neighborhood to the east of Gaza, claiming the lives of three Palestinians’ an elderly and two of his grandchildren. They were identified as Hasan Abu Hin, 70s, Abdul Rahman Abu Hin, a journalist and Osama Abu Hin.

At least four other Palestinians were killed and dozens other injured in a bombardment on eastern Khan Younes and Jabalia.

Meanwhile, two other Palestinians were killed and several others were injured, including many seriously, in the ongoing Israeli indiscriminate aerial and artillery bombardment on Beit Lahia to the north of Gaza.

Ambulances raced in to recover the dead and wounded, whom were all evacuated to Kamal Odwan hospital. Palestinian medics said that there were serious injuries and that the number of injuries is on the rise.

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet pounded predawn Wednesday  a house belonging to Abu Rida family in Bani Suheila to the east of Khan Younes, leveling the house to the ground and claiming the lives of two Palestinians, according to WAFA correspondent.

He reported that the bodies of other Palestinians are believed to be buried under the house rubble.

Meanwhile, another Israeli air strike claimed the life of a Palestinian in ‘Absan to the east of Khan Younes.

The Palestinian was identified as Marwan Ibrahim Samour, 38, who was riding his motorbike when he was directly hit with a missile.

Israeli warplanes reportedly targeted main streets running between the cities in the besieged coastal enclave, including the main street at Beit Hanoun Junction in northern strip and the main Khuza‘a street to the east of Khan Younes.

In a related development, Palestinian medics in Al-Shifa hospital held an emergency meeting, warning about an imminent environmental catastrophe if paramedics and rescue personnel could not reach the bodies trapped in the rubble in highly-populated areas close to the borders east of Gaza.

They called all health organizations to immediately send medicines and medical supplies to Gaza.

Source: WAFA