Three More Prisoners End Hunger Strike

RAMALLAH, September 4, 2013 (WAFA) – Two prisoners held in administrative detention in Israel and who have been on hunger strike since May 23 protesting their detention without charge or trial, and a third prisoner on strike since June 12 ended Wednesday their strike, according to Jawad Boulus, attorney for the Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC).

Adel Hreibat and Ayman Itbeish, from Hebron, went on hunger strike to protest their administrative. Muhammad Itbeish also went on hunger strike a month later in solidarity with his brother Ayman.

Boulus said all three prisoners who have been kept in hospitals inside Israel have suspended their strike after Hreibat and Ayman Itbeish have reached a deal with the military prosecutor not to renew their detention order after the completion of their current terms.

Another prisoner from Bethlehem, Ayman Hamdan, has also ended his hunger strike earlier Wednesday after reaching a similar deal with the military prosecutor.

source:WAFA NEWS