UNDP Received Only 5% of $200M to Launch Gaza Reconstruction

GAZA, January 22, 2015 (WAFA) – Head of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Bassil Nassar Thursday said that the program has only received 5% of the $200 million pledged by donor countries to begin the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

He told media and reporters that UNDP was assigned to survey the damage of Gaza’s homes that belong to non-refugees, noting that the final number was 30,000 homes (including either partial of full damage).

Nassar explained, “To reconstruct the Strip (building wise for non-refugees) we need $200 million. So far we have only received 5% from the donor countries.”

The reconstruction of Gaza is facing problems in funding. Nassar affirmed that the process is moving slowly and the humanitarian situation in Gaza is evolving from bad to worse.

He said, “Funding is related to the political process. The donor countries are linking their donations to the unity government and its control of both Gaza and the borders as well as rising fears from the potential of a new war.”

Nassar estimated that delaying the fund and obstructing the entry of necessary construction material would eventually delay the reconstruction process by no less than 10 years.

Israel waged a war on the besieged Gaza Strip in August of 2014. The 51-day war claimed the lives of over 2,200 Palestinians according to statistics by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Public Works and Housing said that the total number of residential units destroyed stopped at 28,366.

The entry of construction material was allowed by Israel in October of 2014 based on a mechanism set by the United Nations and in agreement with Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Arab and world countries pledged to provide the sum of $5.4 billion; almost half of it to reconstruct the Gaza Strip whiles the remaining part to support Palestinians’ needs and PA’s budget. The reconstruction process didn’t begin yet.