UNESCO Marks Solidarity Day with Films by Women

PARIS, November 28, 2013 (WAFA) – The Palestinian Permanent Delegation to UNESCO in Paris marked the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People by celebrating solidarity with Palestinian women, according to a press release.

Four films from the Palestinian women cinema group, Shashat, produced and directed by Palestinian women, were shown at the public event in Paris.

Shashat’s director Alia Arasoughy said she views the showing of four of her group’s films at UNESCO “as an honor and acknowledgement of Shashat’s work and films.”

She expressed hope that “Palestinian women filmmakers will always be able to express the richness and diversity of Palestinian life through women’s eyes.”

Commenting on the showing of the European Union-funded films, EU representative to the Palestinian areas, John Gatt-Rutter, said “the talent and messages passed through these films are the real ambassadors of Palestine and Palestinian women in the world.’

The four films shown at the events included “My children…my love…” by Fadya Salah Al-Deen, which is about Rudaina Abu Jarad, a mother of two girls and two boys and how she faced a lot of objection from her family and community when she decided to have a child, claiming that she doesn’t have the right to become pregnant because of her condition.

The second film was “Sardine and Pepper,” by Athar Al-Jadili and Alaa Desoki, which explores Gaza’s relationship with sardines and pepper and how this relationship intertwines and expresses how these two young women live in Gaza of today.

The third film was “Golden Pomegranate Seeds,” by Ghada Terawi, which uses live footage and animation to re-tell the Palestinian fairy tale about a girl who faces substantial hardships in her life and bears them silently and patiently.

The fourth film was “My Cousin,” by Liali Kilani, about a Palestinian girl Liali, who has spent her whole life in Palestine and is forbidden to visit her country’s capital, Jerusalem, while Tania, her American cousin who visits Palestine for the first time is able to visit Jerusalem because of her passport.