UPDATE: Death toll Reaches 759, Over 4730 Injuries, on 17th Day of Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Violence in Gaza

GAZA, July 24, 2014 – (WAFA) – Fifty Palestinians were killed, including eight children and ten members of one family, while the bodies of seven Palestinians were recovered from under the rubbles as the Israel military aggression on Gaza Strip entered Thursday its seventeenth day, bringing the total death toll to 759 and over 4,730 injuries, most of whom are children, women and elderly.

An Israeli random shelling targeting an area near the mosque of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal north of Rafah claimed the life of Mohammad Sliman Okal as well as caused the injury of at least 14 Palestinians.

Israeli tanks intensively and randomly shelled Thursday afternoon Ash-Shaja‘iya vegetable market to the east of Gaza, claiming the lives of two Palestinians and injuring several others. One Palestinian was identified as Thaer Ash-Shamali.

Israeli tanks also shelled on Thursday afternoon a gathering of children in Rafah, claiming the lives of two Palestinians, including a child, as well as injuring three other children.

Also Thursday afternoon a Palestinian receiving medical treatment in an Egyptian hospital succumbed to her wounds she sustained last Tuesday when Israeli warplanes targeted her house in Ash-Shuka to the east of Rafah. She was identified as Yasmin Ahmad Abu Mor, 25.

Israeli artillery shelling also targeted an UNRWA school used to shelter internally displaced Palestinians in Beit Hanoun, claiming the lives of at least 17 Palestinians, all of whom are children and women and injuring around 150 others, including many seriously.

Israeli warplanes targeted a motorbike with a missile in ‘Absan to the east of Khan Younes, claiming the lives of four Palestinians, including a child. They were identified as Baker An-Najjar, 13, Isma‘il Hussein Abu Rjeila, Nafez Suleiman Qdeih, 35, and Nabil Shahda Qdeih, 45.

Six other Palestinians were killed, while others were injured Thursday noon in aerial and artillery bombardment across Gaza. Israeli tanks shelled Beit Hanoun, claiming the lives of three Palestinians, whose identities are still unknown, and injuring two others seriously.

Another Palestinian was killed when his house was targeted in an air strike in Beit Lahia. His body reached the hospital torn into pieces.

Meanwhile, Palestinian rescue teams recovered the bodies of two Palestinians buried under the rubble in Ash-Shaja‘iya. They were identified as Sa‘ed Iskafi and his brother, Anas.

Israeli forces fired live ammunition at some of Khuza‘a residents upon their gathering at Ash-Shawafin junction to the east of Khan Younes, killing one Palestinian and injuring several others. The fatality was identified as Mohammad Suleiman An-Najjar.

Another Palestinian, identified as Khalil Naser Washah, 21, succumbed to his injuries he previously sustained Tuesday in the ongoing aggression on Gaza.

Israeli warplanes bombarded a house in western Khan Younes, claiming the lives of six Palestinians from al-Astal family, including two children and seriously injuring three others. They were identified as Amin Tha’er Al-Astal, 3, and Nada Tha’er Al-Astal, 5, Milad ‘Omran Al-Astal, 29, Mohammad Omran Al-Astal, 33, Malak Amin Al-Astal, 24, Ahmad Tha’er Al-Astal, 33.

In addition, Israeli tanks shelled ‘Absan and Bani Suheila in Khan Younes district, claiming the lives of seven Palestinians, including a teenager. They were identified as Bassam Khaled Abu-Shahla, 44, Ahmad Rif‘at Al-Raqab, 23, Salman Salman Al-Brim, 27, Mohammad Isma‘il Al-Astal, 17, Isma‘il Mohammad Al-Astal, 48, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Astal, 20, and Mohammad Hasan Al-Astal, 43.

Another Palestinian identified as Yazid Sa‘ed Al-Batsh, 23, succumbed to his wounds he sustained in an earlier strike on the city.

Israeli artillery shells smashed into a house in Jabalia in northern Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of four Palestinians from Abu Aita family, including a child and two elderly as well as injuring ten others. The fatalities were identified as Adham Ahmad Abu Aita, 11, Ibrahim Abdulla Abu Aita, 67, Jamila Salim Abu Aita, 65, Ahmad Ibrahim Abu Aita, 30.

Israeli tanks shelled early Thursday Zamou Street in Beit Hanoun, claiming the life of one Palestinian. He was identified as Yahya Ibrahim Abu Harbid.

Palestinian medics and rescue teams retrieved early Thursday the bodies of two Palestinians who were killed when an Israeli F-16 fighter jet pounded the Zeyadis house in Jabalia. They were identified as Bilal Zayed Olwan, 20, and Majed Mohammad, 26.

Palestinian medics and rescue teams pulled Thursday the bodies of five Palestinians from the rubble in Khuza‘a to the east of Khan Younes.

Israeli artillery shells targeted houses in Az-Zaytoun neighborhood to the southeast of Gaza, injuring several Palestinians. They were all evacuated to Ash-Shifa hospital.

Meanwhile, another Palestinian identified as Khalil Naser ‘Atiya, 21, succumbed to his wounds he sustained earlier when an Israeli warplane pounded houses in central Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the residents of Khuza‘a made early Thursday an urgent appeal for rescuing the wounded and recovering the bodies of other Palestinians buried under the rubble. The town was shelled on Tuesday with hundreds of Israeli missiles; the number of Palestinians killed by the strike is still unknown.


Source: WAFA