Update: Israeli Forces Detain 42 Palestinians from West Bank

HEBRON, October 29, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces detained overnight and Wednesday evening 44 Palestinians from various West Bank districts, according to multiple security sources and Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.

Israeli forces detained 13 Palestinians from Hebron district, nine others from Jerusalem district, five others from Ramallah district, five others from Jenin district, seven others from Bethlehem district, another from Tulkarem, another from Jericho district and another from Qalqilya.

In Hebron district, Israeli forces raided several Hebron neighborhoods, where they detained a Palestinian after breaking into and ransacking his house. The detainee was identified as Kifah Az-Zarou, 18.

Israeli army units raided Dura town, west of the city, where they detained three Palestinians after storming their houses. Local sources identified the detainees as Ahmad Qazzaz, and his brother, Youssef, and Feras Khallaf.

One Palestinian was detained during a predawn raid that targeted the town of Surif, north of the city. The detainee is Jibril Abu Fara, while Othman ‘Adarba was detained as Israeli soldiers stormed his house in al-‘Arrub refugee camp, north of the city.

Israeli forces conducted a house-to-house raid in the camp, breaking into and searching many houses. The homeowners were identified as ‘Eid al-Fadilat, who was shot dead by Israeli forces, Isma‘il Abu Haniyya, Jihad al-Badawi, who works as a news reporter, Ghada al-Titi, Shaher and Muhammad Jawabra, Youssef Tamma‘ and Nidal ‘Ayyad.

Furthermore, forces raided Beit Ummar town, north of the city, where they broke into and ransacked several houses belonging to Mohammad Abu Maria, and his brother, ‘Ayed.

During the predawn raid, Israeli soldiers detained a Palestinian identified as Khalid Abu Maria, 17. This came several hours after forces detained three other Palestinians from the Hebron town of Dura and the vicinity of Etzion junction, north of the city.

Two Palestinians from Dura were detained as they appeared before Israeli intelligence in the Gush Etzion interrogation and detention center. They were identified as Ghazi al-Wahwah, 50, and his son, Muhammad, 20.

This arrest was carried out after Ghazi, who apparently works as a construction worker in Israel, was stopped by soldiers on Tarqumiya border crossing, west of Hebron, and his work permit was confiscated. Ghazi was ordered to appear with his son before intelligence, which ended with them being detained.

Another Palestinian was detained Wednesday evening in the vicinity of Gush Etzion junction, north of the city. Hamza Abu al-Filat, 26, was detained purportedly for attempting to stab a settler in the area.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem district, Israeli police raided al-‘Issawiya neighborhood, and detained Firas al-‘Issawi, 40, whose brother, Samer, and sister, Shirin, are already detained, Muhammad, 16, and Firas Mahmoud, 19, Muhammad ‘Abduallah, 22, and Muhammad ‘Ali Mahmoud, Muhammad ‘Attiya, 20, Mahmoud Gharib, 22, and Tamer Abu al-Humus, 13.

Police detained another Palestinian as they broke into and ransacked her house in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ath-Thuri. The detainee was identified as Zeina ‘Amr, who works as a teacher inside the mosque compound.

Meanwhile in Ramallah district, forces detained three Palestinian minors after raiding Ni‘lin village, west of the city. WAFA’s photojournalist identified the detainees as Suhaib Srour, ‘Abdullah ‘Amira, and his brother Naser, all of whom are schoolboys.

One more Palestinian was detained as forces raided An-Nabi Saleh village, north of the city. She was identified as Rula Al-Tamimi. Another Palestinian was detained as forces raided Beit Rima town, north of the city. He was identified as Muhammad al-Rimawi.

Furthermore, in Jenin district, forces detained two Palestinians and summoned another in predawn raid into Barta‘a village and Jaba town, southwest and south of the city. Israeli soldiers detained Ali Qabaha, 23, after breaking into and searching his house.

Forces also raided Jaba‘, where they detained Murad Fashafsha and summoned Murad Malaysha, a former detainee, after breaking into their houses.

One more Palestinian was detained as forces raided Az-Zababda village, southeast of the city. He was identified as Taha Sharqawi and another Palestinian was detained during a predawn raid into ‘Arraba village, southwest of the city. He was identified as Kamal ‘Izz Addin.

Israeli soldiers detained another Palestinian as they raided Nazlet Zaid village. The detainee was identified as Hatim Zeid.

Meanwhile, at least seven Palestinians were detained during multiple raids across the district.  Two Palestinians from the Bethlehem village of Husan were detained at an Israeli checkpoint to the west of the city Wednesday evening. The detainees were identified as Karam Za‘oul, 20, and Ahmad Hamamra, 21.

Another Palestinian, who remained unidentified, was detained by Israeli forces in a commercial center in Gush Etzion settlement bloc, south of the city.

Four more Palestinians identified as Mahmoud Za‘oul, apparently from Husan village, Ahmad Riziq and Ahmad Ribhi al-Hraimi and Muhammad Abu ‘Ahur were all also reportedly detained.

In Jericho district, forces detained a Palestinian from ‘Ein As-Sultan refugee camp, north of the city. Muhammad Abu Zeid was detained at a military checkpoint at the northern entrance of Jericho.

Meanwhile in Tulkarem in the northern West Bank, forces detained a Palestinian minor identified as Usaid Khouli, 16 and Hisham Khadraj from Qalqilya while visiting his detained brother in the Israeli prison of al-Naqab.