UPDATE: Palestinian in Hebron Left to Die after Being Shot by Israeli Forces, Government Condemns

HEBRON, September 22, 2015 (WAFA) –  A Palestinian youth was killed on Tuesday after Israeli forces opened fire on him, leaving him to bleed to death, near the village of Kharsa to the south of Hebron, according to witnesses and security sources.

According to the Israeli narrative, The youth, who was identified as Diaa Mahmoud Talahmeh, 21, purportedly attempted to throw an explosive device at a military vehicle that was passing near the village toward the nearby  illegal Israeli settlement of Nahal Njahot, however, Israeli claims alleged that the device exploded prematurely in Talahmeh’s hands.

Forces then opened fire toward the sound of the explosion, shooting the youth and leaving him to bleed to death for almost four hours, Israeli sources alleged.

Israeli forces cordoned off the area and declared it a closed military zone, preventing the access of the Palestinian red crescent for almost four hours, leaving Talahmeh to bleed to death before taking his body to an unknown destination.

Forces further denied journalists’ access to the area.

Following the killing of Talahmeh, clashes broke out in the village of Kharsa in condemnation of his killing, where soldiers fired tear gas canisters and stun grenades toward the Palestinian locals and their homes, causing dozens of suffocation cases, including a women and her child, whose severe case of suffocation necessitated their transfer to hospital for treatment.

Forces further raided Palestinian locals’ homes and deployed dozens of snipers on the rooftops of several homes.

Meanwhile, The Palestinian consensus government denounced the Israeli killing of Talahmeh. The government’s official spokesperson, Ihab Bsiso, described the Israeli killing of Talahmeh as a continuation of Israel’s policy of attacks and violations committed against the unarmed Palestinian people.

He stressed that this crime, along with others, constitute a blatant violation of international norms and conventions. He urged the international community and relevant United Nations organizations to take serious measures in order to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territory.