124 of Jerusalem’s Children in Prison on First Day of School Year

JERUSALEM, August 28, 2016 (WAFA) – A total of 124 Palestinian students in Jerusalem missed the first day of the school year as few were killed by Israeli police and others were arrested and currently spend time in jail.

According to Adnan Ghaith, an official in Fatah in Jerusalem, 11 students were killed during the 2015 unrest that spread across the West Bank and East Jerusalem while 124 girls and boys are currently imprisoned; including 10 children under the age of 12.

He said the Israeli government is trying to erode its responsibility towards those children as occupied and neglect all international laws and conventions which guarantee children’s right to education.

“Education should be a free right and an aspect all children must enjoy,” he added.

Ghaith affirmed that by targeting children either through killing or arresting them, Israel aims to destroy one of the most essential pillars in any society and raise an ignorant generation.

“Israel is using education to achieve its goals by changing the curriculum,” he added.