Abbas Calls for Strategic Partnership with Russia

MOSCOW, March 14, 2013 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday called for a preparatory measures to achieve strategic partnership with Russia, including political and economic partnership that will provide an opportunity to launch joint investments in new areas.

Abbas was awarded the Friendship Order from the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow in appreciation of his efforts to achieve peace and friendly cooperative relations between Palestine and Russia.

He praised the evolution of the historical friendship between Palestine and Russia, saying that Palestinians are aspiring to develop relations for the benifit of the two countries.

He expressed pride and gratitude for receiving the Friendship Order, considering it an appreciation gesture for the Palestinians.

Abbas expressed hope that peace will be prevailed in Palestine by the end of 2013, and Palestine gain independence on the 1967 land, living in stability, security and good neighborly side by side with Israel.

Moreover, Abbas visited the monument of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow and paid his respects, accompanied by PA officials.

Source: WAFA News