Abbas expect UN to admit Palestine

President Abbas tells Maan News that he expects the UN General Assembly to vote on a resolution to admit Palestine as a non-member state in less than a month and a half. Abbas expect the vote to be successful.

“We will go back to the UN during this period to get recognition as a state under occupation. We have no problem with that title because it will be a state and not disputed lands”, Abbas tells Maan News.

“This land is ours first and last. It is our occupied land irrespective of settlement expansion here and there. Settlement has been illegal from the beginning to the end and we will not accept it and they have to leave with their settlements and settlers, said President Abbas.”

Palestinian officials say Abbas is unlikely to submit any request to the UN until after US elections in early November. Even then, he expects that the US will seek to derail the effort.
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According to The Guardian Washington has warned European countries not to support the PLO’s bid for “observer state” and threatened financial sanctions against the Palestinian Authority if the bid succeeds.
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