Abbas: Government and Elections to be Announced in One Day

RAMALLAH, April 1, 2013 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that the government and elections go together and will be announced in one day.

Abbas said, after he planted a tree marking land day at the national park in Ramallah, that the election committee has almost finished its work, therefore there is no need for stalling or any new procedures to achieve the reconciliation and that the government will be announced in tandem with a decree announcing elections day.

He added that we don’t have differences needing all these efforts because we have agreed in Doha and Qatar agreements on two key points; the transitional government and elections.

Abbas said that when PA is invited to any summit “we will go because we are the only representatives of the Palestinian people and no one else is invited.”

“The sovereignty on the Palestinian Territory is ours and this is not negotiable,” said Abbas.

Source: WAFA News