Abbas Holds Israel Responsible for Destabilizing Security Situation

RAMALLAH, April 4, 2013 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday said that Israel is fully responsible for the escalation in the West Bank by destabilizing security through the killing of peaceful protesters.

Abbas said in a statement during Fatah’s Revolutionary Council meeting that Israel seems to be seeking to start chaos in the Palestinian Territory because “it’s not possible that peaceful protests produce two martyrs, one before and more before that and God knows what will happen later!”

He said that such practices indicate that Israel seeks to escalate the security situation because “if it was concerned with security and relations it wouldn’t have used force against protesters.”

On the killing of two teens in Tulkram on Wednesday and the death of prisoners in Israeli jails, Abbas said that Israel is responsible for what is happening today, tomorrow and the day after.

He commented on what has been circulating in Israeli media on the possibility of the outbreak of a third Intifada, saying: “It seems that they want the situation to get to that point! It seems that they want to evade from their written obligations!”

Abbas said that despite of the Palestinian Authority’s commitment to security and stability, Israel uses excessive force against peaceful Palestinian protesters and suppresses peaceful protests, “which is not acceptable at all.”

“It seems that they don’t want to achieve any step towards peace and don’t wish to implement any step from the steps they committed to and this is the result,” said Abbas.

Source: WAFA News