Abbas: No One will Enjoy Stability as long as Gaza Children Do not

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RAMALLAH, July 23, 2014 – (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas stated Tuesday evening that Palestinians ‘would never forget nor forgive’ and would ‘never kneel except for God’, adding that  nobody will enjoy stability as long as Gaza children do not.

Abbas made his comments during the opening speech addressing members of Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in an emergency meeting at the Presidential headquarters in Ramallah.

Here are the full address delivered by Abbas as published on Al-Quds website, noting that some slight changes were introduced into the translation.

In the Name of God the Most Merciful , the Most Compassionate

“From the first moment of the brutal Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank, we have raised our voices on the need to halt the aggression. We have made regional and international contacts for this and we asked President Sisi in particular to help stop the assault and the bloodshed of our people. He responded and presented an initiative that includes an immediate ceasefire and action to lift the siege, open the border crossings and all the other obligations.

We went to Egypt, where we held talks with President Sisi and with Palestinian factions including Hamas and Jihad. We went to Turkey and Qatar, where we continued to work with the Turkish and Qatari leaders and we met with Khaled Meshaal all in order to halt Israel’s onslaught and to reach a ceasefire and then to lift the siege, preserve fishermen rights, open the border crossings, cancel the so-called buffer zone, release the Shalit-deal prisoners and the fourth batch of veteran prisoners, including arrested parliamentarians, bring in humanitarian assistance and hold a donor conference for the rebuilding of Gaza.

It is time that we all raise our rightful voices in the face of Israel’s killing and destruction machine. Israeli forces have crossed all lines and broken all international laws and humanitarian values with the utmost brutality. We know we do not have planes or artillery tanks but what we have is stronger than this fire power and arrogance. We have the strength of righteousness and justice; we are the owners of this right that no force on earth can erase; it is a historical right baptized with heavy sacrifices. We have our unity and our resolve and so I call on all to rise above our differences at this difficult time and have national responsibility, stay away from narrow factionalism and realize that the main goal of this Israeli onslaught is to destroy our national cause and abort reconciliation.

We reiterate to our people that we are committed to national unity and ending the split and the national consensus government. We will go to the far side of the world to stop this onslaught and retake our legitimate rights. We will pursue those who commit war crimes against our people no matter how long it takes. These crimes will not go unpunished.

I repeat the importance of getting the Palestinian cause out of any tug-of-wars and to halt this policy of double standards because one drop of blood from a Palestinian child is more precious to us than anything in the world.

To our people in Gaza: your pain is our pain and the pain of the entire people and your suffering has dug a deep wound in our hearts. We have no words to explain what we are feeling. Your wounds are our wounds and our anger is huge. We will never forget nor forgive and our people will not kneel to anyone but God. No one in the world will enjoy stability and safety if this is not granted to the children of Gaza, Jerusalem, the West Bank and all of Palestine’s children.

Glory and eternity to our faithful martyrs. Right, justice and the Palestinian people’s will will emerge victorious. We will not be terrorized by killing nor destruction. We will rebuild what the aggression has destroyed and we will mend our wounds until our inevitable victory arrives and our flag waves over our capital Jerusalem at the Aqsa Mosque and the Holy Sepulcher.

“Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory.”

Source: WAFA