Abbas: “Palestinian People’s Interest Entails Preserving Unity of Land and People”

RAMALLAH, April 24, 2014 – (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas stated Wednesday that the interest to preserve the unity of the Palestinian land and people would empower and contribute to the establishment of the Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Abbas made this statement following an announcement on Wednesday regarding striking a reconciliation deal between the PLO and Hamas in Gaza.

Abbas added that such an internationally and Arab supported step would empower the Palestinian negotiators’ capability to achieve the two-state solution, which is totally in line with the Arab Peace Initiative, reconciliation agreements signed in Cairo and Doha, international resolutions and the UN General Assembly’s resolution granting Palestine observer state status in the United Nations.

He noted that there is no contradiction between reconciliation and negotiations as “we are committed to achieving a just and lasting peace based on the two-state solution and international resolutions.”



source: WAFA