Abbas says he is Against an Attack on Syria

RAMALLAH, September 2, 2013 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday that he is against any attack on Syria, stressing that the Palestinians do not accept that a foreign country bomb an Arab one.

He said at the opening session of a meeting for Fatah Revolutionary Council held in Ramallah that the solution to the crisis in Syria must be political and that there is no military solution.

Speaking on the negotiations, Abbas said that he agreed to return to negotiations and not to pursue efforts to join United Nations Organizations in return for release of pre-Oslo prisoners.

“Before we started negotiations, there was talk about the international organizations and we said we are ready to not go if we take prisoners from pre-1994 and their number is 104, all detained since before 1993,” he said.

Abbas also addressed the developments in Egypt and said that “we respect the will of the Egyptian people to choose their own future and their democratic system.”

He criticized Hamas for interfering in Egyptian affairs saying what 30 or 40 fighters Hamas has sent to Egypt would do against 90 million population.

He said the internal situation in Hamas is not stable and more so its external relations.

source: WAFA NEWS