Al-Ahmad Denies Reaching Permanent Ceasefire

Azzam al-Ahmad

CAIRO, August 19, 2014 (WAFA) – Head of the Palestinian delegation for ceasefire talks in Cairo, Azzam al-Ahmad of Fatah, denied on Tuesday claims that some progress has been made in the ceasefire talks with the Israeli delegation.

“All what has been spread via satellite channels is incorrect. There has been no progress at any  point in efforts to reach a permanent ceasefire agreement,” he said, adding that the current temporary ceasefire was extended by 24 hours. “Thereafter, either we agree or we do not.”

During a press conference Monday night, al-Ahmad said that “hidden fingers” are trying to put obstacles in the way of the Egyptian initiative.

“The Israeli delegation is still showing intransigence towards meeting the Palestinian demands. The extension of ceasefire came in response to a call made by Egypt. We hope that every minute will be exploited so as to reach an agreement,” stressed al-Ahmad. “Otherwise, the circle of violence will continue.”

The official said that the negotiations are scheduled to end on Monday, yet “maneuvers” and procrastination by the Israeli delegation were an obstacle in the face of any progress.


Source: WAFA