Ambassador Amro Alhourani welcomes Denmark’s initiative to label settlement goods

The Palestinian ambassador to Denmark, Amro al-Hourani, welcomes the Danish government’s initiative to label goods that are produced in Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territory.

He states that this step reflects the Danish government’s political commitment to international law since the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are in fact illegal under international law and United Nations resolutions. Al-Hourani says the Danish Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal’s initiative is a crucial step to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East. It also reflects Denmark’s commitment to human rights as all sorts of reports reveal that the settlements and settlers destroy the lives of millions of Palestinians, preventing them from maintaining a dignified and economically coherent life. Israeli settlers expel Palestinians from their land on daily basis, grow crops on stolen land and sell it to Europe, which is the biggest buyer of Israeli agricultural products, added al-Hourani.

“It is imperative to create realities on the ground. Settlements in the West Bank are illegal as the international community adopted. Therefore, it is also important that words lead to action. Peace in the Middle East can only be achieved by paving the way for a two-state solution, and this is under threat as long as you support the settlements,” says al-Hourani.

Source: WAFA News