Arab League Condemns Israel’s Killing of Three Palestinians

CAIRO, August 27, 2013 (WAFA) – The Arab League Tuesday condemned the killing of three Palestinians and injuring around 15 others by Israeli forces after raiding Qalandia refugee camp.

The League, in a statement, held the Israeli government accountable for foiling the negotiations and the peace process, while called on the international community to intervene to obligate Israel to stop its ongoing violations.

The statement said, “This heinous crime is a clear message of Israel’s intentions regarding the peace process. It aims to provoke the Palestinian people and foil the efforts to revive peace by the United States.”

The league affirmed that this crime must not go unpunished and those behind it must be persecuted.

The international community’s silence, said the statement, gives the green light for Israel to commit further crimes and destroy any chance to establish a comprehensive and just peace in the region.

source:WAFA NEWS