Arab League delegation to submit new peace proposal to US

BETHLEHEM, January 29, 2013 (Ma’an) – A delegation representing the Arab League will soon head to the US in order to move forward the Middle East peace process, according to a Palestinian envoy.

Muhammad Sbeih, secretary-general for Palestinian affairs in the Arab League, told Jordan’s al-Ghad newspaper that the delegation would submit a proposal to Washington.

The point is to present new ideas for a solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict, including ideas about Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territory, the establishment of a Palestinian state and guaranteed security for both sides.

According to the proposal, the negotiations should be limited to six months. Sbeih explained that the absence of terms of reference and a clear timeline serve Israeli interests as that helps Israel gain more time and impose more facts on the ground as settlement expansion continues.

Moreover, Sbeih stressed that the proposal also addresses the role of the international Quartet including giving the Quartet specific tasks with a clear deadline.

Source: Ma’an News