‘Ashrawi: “Israel is a Colonial State above the Law”

RAMALLAH, June 2, 2014 – (WAFA) – Member of PLO Executive Committee Hanan ‘Ashrawi stressed Monday that Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners are exercising their legitimate right to freedom and using hunger strike as a tool of peaceful protest to confront racist legislation and challenge Israel’s intransigence and violations of human principles.

‘Ashrawi commended the hunger-striking prisoners for their legendary steadfastness and resolute will and considered that their struggle for dignity, justice and freedom has exposed all Israeli racist laws and mistreatment as an illegal policy stripping them of their right to freedom and fair judicial proceedings.

She made this statement as the Palestinian prisoners entered their 40th consecutive day of hunger strike in protest of arbitrary administrative detention.

She added: “The Israeli occupation have been systematically holding Palestinian prisoners in administrative detention without legal basis and without charges or trial; a practice that finds its roots in the annulled British Mandate emergency regulations of 1945.

The Israeli occupation has been doing that in violation of relevant rules of the international standards for the treatment of prisoners, rules of humanitarian international law as well as human rights principles, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, the Hague Convention of 1907 and Anti-Torture Convention of 1984. It has been also practicing that in violation of commitments signed by the Israeli Prison Service on May 14, 2012 to limit and subject the use of administrative detention to legal causes.”

She expressed her grave concerns about the health situation of hunger-striking prisoners and warned about Israeli occupation authorities’ attempts to pass a bill allowing them to be force-fed. She called for an independent international commission to be formed to investigate into all Israeli illegal and inhuman practices.

Source: WAFA