Cabinet stresses Palestinians’ determination to establish their state

The Palestinian cabinet considered during its weekly meeting that Palestinians are more determined, in spite of 45 years of occupation to persevere for their national rights in order to establish their fully-sovereign independent state within the 1967 borders and with Jerusalem as its capital, Tuesday said a press release issued by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s office.

Commemorating the day Israel occupied the Palestinian land on the fifth of June 1967, the cabinet said that it holds Israel fully responsible for the lives of ill prisoners, who suffer from a continuous medical negligence policy.

Israel has violated a number of articles from the recent prisoners’ agreement that requires the immediate intervention of international institutions in order to obligate Israel with the agreement and provide decent humanitarian requirements for prisoners until their total release without any conditions or discrimination, said the release.

The cabinet condemned the continuous Israeli escalation against the Palestinian people’s rights and property, particularly the Israeli raids against the Gaza Strip, in addition to the continuous settler terrorist attacks against our citizens and property, including the burning of olive groves and agricultural crops in Nablus, Hebron and Tulkarem.

It also condemned the continuous statements by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other Israeli ministers on strengthening settlements’ building, aiming to confiscate more Palestinian land for settlements’ building without giving any consideration to international law.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet welcomed the decision of Swiss supermarket stores, Migros, to place identification marks on settlements’ products indicating the products illegitimacy, calling on expanding the boycott of settlements’ products and promoting Palestinian products.

The Cabinet also welcomed the Arab Follow-Up Committee’s decision to provide the National Authority with a monthly financial safety net totaling $100 million in order to avoid any Israeli blackmail or threats in withholding tax revenues, hoping that this important move would be implemented, as well as speeding Arab regular assistance to the National Authority in order to overcome the sharp financial crisis, and meet the government commitments to Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, particularly occupied Jerusalem.

It reaffirmed that such assistance is crucial to strengthen the steadfastness of the people at a time of heightened settlement expansion and settler attacks targeting our people’s property, source of income and ability to steadfast and survive.

Source: WAFA News