Cabinet Warns against Temporal, Spatial Division of al-Aqsa

palestinian cabinet

RAMALLAH, September 17, 2014 (WAFA) – The Palestinian cabinet warned Tuesday against the temporal and spatial division of Al-Aqsa mosque, blaming the Israeli occupation’s government for such violations that would turn the conflict into a religious conflict.

During its weekly session chaired by PM Rami Hamdallah, the cabinet called on the international community, the United Nations, the Arab League and the Islamic Conference Organization to assume their responsibilities towards the Palestinian people to pursue their rights; mostly the right to sovereignty on Palestinian land as well as the freedom of worship and free access to holy places, and to take legal measures against the Israeli criminals for their continuous crimes and violations against Palestinians.

The cabinet deeply condemned the decision of the Israeli occupation’s national planning and building council to establish a park on Palestinian land. It considered this move as an illegal action, which violates international laws and conventions and will lead to the annexation of about 700 acres of the Issawiya and Tour villages’ land near Jerusalem.

In addition to this, the cabinet strongly denounced the daily raid campaigns practiced by Israeli occupation forces and colonial-settler groups on Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as preventing Palestinians from entering Al-Aqsa for prayers.

The Palestinian National Consensus Government, chaired by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah reviewed the report of the Ministerial Committee for reconstructing the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, the Cabinet discussed the report to be submitted to the AHLC meeting in New York and to the reconstruction conference expected to take place in Egypt on the 12th of October.

The report showed estimates for the proposed reconstruction and implementation mechanisms. It also pointed out launching the relief and temporary housing program, which has already started in cooperation with the United Nations organizations and some donor countries. Moreover, the report included an announcement to provide financial assistance to displaced families whose houses were completely destroyed during the latest Israeli occupation’s war on Gaza.

The cabinet reasserted that the national consensus government did not receive any payments or financial assistance from donor countries for reconstructing Gaza. However, the cabinet confirmed that the reconstruction efforts are being assessed and coordinated with the international community, and will continue until the financial aid is organized during the reconstruction conference in Cairo.

Furthermore, the cabinet condemned the Israeli occupation’s violation for preventing the Minister of Education from visiting the Gaza Strip to announce the opening of the new school year with the UN education officials.

The cabinet stated that destroying schools and educational facilities is a crime and breach to all international rights, laws and conventions which emphasize the right to education as a basic human right.

In that respect, the cabinet called on the international community and the international organizations to compel Israel to eliminate its occupation’s practices and policies, mainly disrupting the education process and restricting the freedom of movement for the Palestinian people and the ministers of the national consensus government.

The cabinet also denounced the Israeli occupation’s policy of regular incitement against the national consensus government which aims at thwarting the civil mission and work of reconstruction and the efforts to remove the effects of the internal division.


Source: WAFA