Death Toll Hits 2033 in Gaza as Israel Breaks Ceasefire

Bombe over Gaza

GAZA, August 20, 2014 (WAFA) – Following the collapse of the temporary ceasefire, at least 16 Palestinians, including children and women, were killed during the past 24 hours, including 13 members of one family, by Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, while dozens others were injured, bringing the death toll to 2033 and the wounded to more than 10290 since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on July 8.

On Wednesday before noon, medical teams pulled the bodies of Um Ammar ad-Dalew and her child, Mustafa Rabah ad-Dalew, from under the rubble of their house which was bombed and destroyed by Israeli jet fighters on Tuesday night, when two women and a child were killed in the incident, whereas dozens were injured.

Earlier, the body of Ahmad Rabah ad-Dalew, 20, was pulled from under the rubble, which raised the number of casualties of ad-Dalew family to six members.

Meanwhile, at least eight Palestinians from al-Lawh family were killed, including children, and eight others were injured as Israeli jet fighters hit their house in Deir el-Balah without any prior notice. The casualties were identified as three brothers Mohammad, Ahmad and Raafat. Raafat’s wife and his four children were also killed in the Israeli offensive.

In the meantime, at least two children and a woman were injured after an F16 jet fighter targeted with a missile an area located adjacent to the Rafah border crossing, on Gaza-Egypt border.

WAFA correspondent said the reception hall at the border crossing was partially destroyed when a jet fighter hit an agricultural area near the nearby Karm Abu Salem border crossing, located at Egypt-Israel-Gaza border.

Meanwhile, six Palestinians were injured when Israeli warplanes hit with missiles the neighborhood of Shabora in Rafah City. They were transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

Four Palestinians were also injured after Israeli warplanes targeted the house of Radi’ family in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya.

In the meantime, a youngster was killed and another one was seriously injured when an Israeli reconnaissance aircraft hit a group of people north of Gaza. A man was also killed when Israeli jet fighter targeted an agricultural area to the north of Gaza, reported WAFA correspondent.

Meanwhile, at least two Palestinians, including a child, were killed and seven others were injured by an Israeli airstrike in az-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

Nour Mohammad Abu-Hasira, 2-year-old, and Zaki Ra’I were killed and seven others injured, including two seriously, after Israeli jet fighters hit az-Zaytoun neighborhood.


Source: WAFA