Death Toll Hits 2109 as Israeli Aggression on Gaza Continues


GAZA, August 24, 2014 (WAFA) – At least six Palestinians were killed on Sunday by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza while dozens others were injured, raising the total death toll to more than 2109, including at least 564 children, since the beginning of the aggression on July 8, according to medical statistics.

WAFA correspondent said 18 months-old Zaina Zbu-Taqiya and 17-year-old Mohammad al-Khudari were killed and five others were injured, including some seriously, after Israeli jet fighters targeted a house in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City on Sunday.

Meanwhile, warplanes targeted a house in Deir el-Balah City, killing two Palestinians, whose identities are still unknown; the body of one of the fatalities was torn into pieces. 17 others were reported injured in the incident.

Earlier on Sunday, Yahia Abul-Amrin died of his injures which he sustained following Israeli targeting of his apartment in al-Maqousi Towers, to the northwest of Gaza City. Bader Abu-Mani’ was also killed and several others were injured in the same incident.

In the meantime, seven Palestinians from al-Ghalayini family were injured as Israeli jet fighters hit their house in the northwestern part of Gaza City.

Meanwhile, WAFA correspondent said warplanes hit many locations across Gaza, including apartments and agricultural areas.

Source: WAFA