Deputy Prime Minister Announces Forming Public-Private Committee for Revitalizing Gaza Industrial Sector

palestinian cabinet

RAMALLAH, September 25, 2014 – (WAFA) – Deputy Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa, who also serves as Minister of National Economy, announced Thursday the formation of a public-private committee to revitalize the industrial sector in the Gaza Strip.

Mustafa pointed out in a press release that the committee is tasked with assessing the industrial sector and developing a strategic vision that responds to the sector needs according to urgent needs in Gaza.

Mustafa emphasized the need for Palestinian businesses to play a key role in Gaza reconstruction and noted that the government is focusing on providing favorable conditions for revitalizing the industrial sector and parts of the private sector.

He considered that the committee serves as a strategic road map that helps overcome the current crisis, enabling viable economic activity, and noted that the government is proceeding with implementing the Gaza Early Recovery and Reconstruction Plan ahead of Gaza donor conference scheduled to be hosted in Cairo on October 12.

Mustafa noted that the Palestinian General Union of Industries in cooperation with the Ministry’s personnel and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) are preparing an inventory of the damages to the industrial sector components, such as construction industries, food industries, furniture and woodworks,  in order to prepare a detailed report that would help the Ministry draw up the strategic vision to revitalize the sector.

Supporting the private sector is a key focus to the Gaza Early Recovery and Reconstruction Plan, an issue that will be submitted to the upcoming donor conference.

The government estimated that Gaza reconstruction would cost at least $4 billion, including $1.2 billion that would be earmarked for revitalizing the economy and spurring productivity.


Source: WAFA