Egypt Stresses Strong Ties, Support for Palestine

RAMALLAH, August 26, 2013 (WAFA) – Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi Monday reaffirmed the depth of the Palestinian-Egyptian relations and Egypt’s strong support to the Palestinian people and their cause.

Speaking at a press conference with Foreign Minister Riyad Malki following a short visit to Ramallah during which he met President Mahmoud Abbas, Fahmi stressed the strong relations between Egypt and Palestine and said that the Palestinian cause remains to be a priority for the Egyptian leadership in spite of its own problems.

Fahmi expressed appreciation for the Palestinian leadership’s support for the Egyptian government and people.

“My visit today is so it can be clear to everyone, regionally and internationally, that Egypt supports the Palestinian right, despite of its own concerns,” he said.

Both Malki and Fahmi condemned Israel’s murder of three Palestinians Monday morning in Qalandia refugee camp and its ongoing violence and settlement activity which could affect the peace talks.

Malki affirmed Egypt’s genuine efforts to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation and asserted Abbas’ opposition of any Palestinian intrusion in the Egyptian affairs.

Fahmi affirmed the Egyptian government’s interest in supporting the Palestinian reconciliation, pointing out that it will devote all of its power achieve it.

He said that Egypt aims to insure the stability and security of the borders with Gaza in a way that continues to provide the Palestinians with their needs and insure that they receive a humane treatment.

Fahmi discussed with Abbas many topics, most important was the situation in Egypt which as Fahmi said is also “a Palestinian interest.”

In reference to the current peace talks, Malki said that it is still too early to comment on the negotiations as it is just starting, but stressed that the US “must be present as a representative for the international community during the peace talks.”

In response to a question regarding Hamas in Gaza, Fahmi stated, “Hamas is in Gaza, and Gaza is at the borders with Egypt. It is normal to have contacts and arrangements with Hamas as our goal is to achieve reconciliation and establish the Palestinian state.”

source:WAFA NEWS