Egyptian Diplomat Says Relations with Palestine are Strong

RAMALLAH, July 23, 2013 (WAFA) – Relations between the Egyptian and Palestinian people are strong and cannot be affected by any isolated voices who try to undermine those ties, Egypt’s ambassador to the Palestine Yasser Othman said Tuesday.

He told WAFA on the occasion of Egypt’s July23 revolution that the Palestinian cause is in the heart of every Egyptian and the Egyptian state strongly supports Palestinian rights.

Othman praised the position of the Palestinian leadership and people in supporting the choice of the Egyptian people and its revolution and of non-interference in the internal affairs in Egypt.

He rejected statements by some people who speak against Egypt and its army, describing them as “coming from the square of foreign conspiracies against the Arab world.”

The Egyptian diplomat said some of the exceptional measures the authorities were forced to take on the border with Gaza were not aimed at the Palestinian people, rather only to safeguard Egyptian national security at this unusual time.

“We look at Gaza away from a factional perspective,” he said, adding that “Egypt will continue to support ending the blockade and siege on Gaza, national reconciliation and ending the aggression against the Palestinian people.”

source : WAFA NEWS