Elections Commission Completes Revision of Voter Registry

RAMALLAH, July 29, 2013 (WAFA) – The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has completed revising the voter registry, which included crossing off deaths from the roll, data validation and the addition of new registrants who registered during the second complementary local elections held in June, a CEC statement said Monday.

The CEC is currently processing data in preparation for publishing the final registry at the end of next month, it added.

The CEC said revision of the voter registry is a regular process conducted every six months while registry update is conducted on an annual basis to meet international standards.

The latest registry update was conducted last year in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The next update is expected to be held in March.

If reconciliation talks between Fatah and Hamas succeed in reaching an agreement on a unity government by mid-August, as agreed between the two groups in May, President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to issue a decree setting a date for presidential and legislative elections in all the Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, within three months.

source : WAFA NEWS