Elections Commission Completes Voter Registry

RAMALLAH, April 10, 2013 (WAFA) – The Central Elections Commission (CEC) completed the voter registry update conducted between February 11 and 20 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a CEC statement said Wednesday.

CEC chairman Hanna Nasser said the registration and data management process is now complete as the CEC now has “an updated and accurate voters list ready for any electoral event.”

President Mahmoud Abbas said he will issue a decree announcing a date for presidential and legislative elections once the CEC completes its voter registration update.

The CEC said a total of 1,861,211 people, of which 1,090,575 were in the West Bank, not including East Jerusalem Palestinians, and 770,636 in Gaza Strip, have registered to vote increasing the percentage of registered voters in all the Palestinian Territory from 69.1% to 82.1%.

The CEC said East Jerusalem voters are automatically registered due to the special conditions of the occupied city since Israel does not allow the Palestinian Authority to conduct any activity in Jerusalem.

The percentage of registrants now stands at 77.7% in the West Bank and 89.1% in Gaza, said the CEC, of which 52% are males and 48% females.

Following the recent update process, the CEC entered data of 466,376 registration applications 101,026 in the West Bank and 365,350 in Gaza – given the fact that the last registry update in Gaza was on April 2007 while it was conducted on August 2012 in the West Bank.

With the end of application processing, 310,355 voters were added to the voters list – 68,476 in the West Bank and 241,879 in Gaza – said the CEC.

The difference in numbers is due to multiple registration cases due to data correction; change in residency or to confirm previous registration. Such cases where cancelled and the CEC approved the last registration by the voter. Also, 2,860 deaths in the West Bank and 12,116 in Gaza were also deleted from the voters list, it explained.

Data entry was expected to be completed by the end of last month. However due to Israeli measures which prevented the transfer of registration booklets from Gaza to West Bank, the process was further extended for 10 days.

Source: WAFA News