Erekat Calls on International Community to Provide all Passages to Deal with Gaza Disaster

Saeb Erekat

JERICHO August 5, 2014 (WAFA) – The Member of the Executive Committee of the PLO, Saeb Erekat, called upon the international community to provide land, sea and air passages to deal with the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip, resulting from the Israeli aggression and crimes against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

This came during separate meetings with the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry, the consuls and representatives of the countries of Latin America in the State of Palestine, and the Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, in addition to a number of consuls and representatives of the European Union, the U.S. administration, and the Assistant Commissioner for Foreign Relations in the European Union, Christian Berger,

Erekat stressed that the Israeli government deliberately and persistently targeted the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip, electricity, water and sewage as well as hospitals, schools and residential homes, leaving more than one-third of the population of the Gaza Strip without shelter, which he stressed, requires the international community to immediately provide temporary housing, in addition to stations to generate electricity and water.

Erekat called on the international community to compel the Israeli government to stop its aggression in all its forms; whether by sea, land, or air, to lift the land and sea blockage imposed on Gaza as well as to remove the buffer zones and to commit to its obligations under the 2012 understandings.

Erekat stressed that the Israeli government holds responsibility for the results and the repercussions of its aggression on the Gaza Strip, which led to the death and wounding of around 12 thousand Palestinians, mostly civilians, during which around 17 Palestinians were killed and injured during every hour of aggression.

Erekat expressed thanks for procedures undertaken by Latin American countries against the Israeli aggression, stating that these countries are viewed as the real human conscience in international relations.


Source: WAFA