Erekat: Israel Undermines Two-State Solution

RAMALLAH, April 28, 2014 (WAFA) – Member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, said on Monday Israel is attempting to undermine the two-state solution and pin the blame on the Palestinian Authority and the PLO.

During a speech to local radio station, Erekat said Israel’s government is responsible for the aggravating political situation and the halt in negotiations, adding the latter uses the Palestinian national reconciliation as a pretext for ceasing negotiations despite the fact it is an intra-Palestinian issue.

Erekat referred to the Israeli practices during the past nine months, including more settlement tenders and plans, unjustified killing of innocent citizens, demolition of homes, intensifying assaults against the holy sites, particularly al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, as well as consolidating the siege on Gaza.  He said all these measures are evidence to Israel’s unwillingness to keep up negotiations.

He further noted to the importance of continuing to accede to international organizations to evade “the Israeli dictations” by referring to the international legitimacy and protection.

With regard to the national reconciliation, Erekat said it is a top national interest, describing statements by Israeli officials against it as “blundering.”