EU Mission Security: Palestinian Police is the Best

By Ruba Ayyash

RAMALLAH, October 29, 2013 (WAFA) – The European Union mission security of Palestinian Police is the best mission and the most successful one in the region, chief of the European Union’s mission security Hansburg Haber said Tuesday at a press conference about the relations between Palestinian police and the EU mission held in Ramallah.

This police mission is part of the EU help for the Palestinians, said Haber.

He said the aim of police mission is to make a link between the judge and the police to enable the police to work better and to prevent any violence.

He said that police and rule of law are elements to guarantee security for Palestinians and security is one of the important things in negotiation.

Haber said the work of the mission in Afghanistan and Libya was complex due to the harsh conditions, but no where the task was difficult like in Palestine due to the challenges of the Israeli occupation such as dividing the land into three areas: A, B and C according to Oslo agreement.

The Palestinian police had difficulty reaching and controlling area “C,” which is under full Israeli control, and the EU mission couldn’t do anything to change that situation. So they left it for the negotiators, he added.

The chief of European police mission, Kenneth Dean, said “we need cooperation between the police, the judge, the courts and the prisons to give better work.”

He said the reasons of having the best work by Palestinian police are having leaders who know what the police need to offer very good services.

The chief of Palestinian police, Hazem Attallah, said the EU mission in Palestine is the most successful mission in the region because of the EU support in the training, the technique and the tools working with Palestinian hands and brains.

He said the EU supports Palestinian security and economy. Moreover, the relationship between Palestinian police and EU is built on understanding and respect.

He said however that Israel’s control on equipment by the EU creates challenges for the Palestinian police. For example, he said, there is no criminal lap but have only some equipments.

In spite of this, added Attallah, “we are doing our job in professional way to give Palestinian citizen the best services.”