EUPOL COPPS: Palestinian Officials Participate in Study Visit to Ireland

DUBLIN, June 4, 2013 (WAFA) – Palestinian officials undertook a study visit to the Republic of Ireland, the aim of which was to focus on good governance practices within a modern forensic medical laboratory, said a EUPOL COPPS Press Release on Tuesday.

The release said the four-day visit exposed two members of the Palestinian Ministry of Justice (MoJ) National Centre for Forensic medicine, and two members of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior (MoI) Criminal Forensic Laboratory to the workings of a forensic science laboratory in a mature legal system. The trip links in with efforts by both ministries towards enhancing their capacities in terms of the better use of forensic science in the Palestinian criminal justice system.

The participants were hosted by the Forensic Science Laboratory of Ireland. Participants were given in-depth insight into the Irish Forensic Science Laboratory, its mandate and structure, the services it provides to the Department of Justice as well as to the Irish Criminal Justice Sector as a whole: evidence analysis including methods used for DNA, stain and fabric analysis and drug identification, it said.

It added that the team also paid a visit to the Irish National Police’s Technical Bureau, during which the following topics were discussed: ballistics analysis techniques, the use of mobile units for the scientific analysis of crime scenes, and the techniques and equipment involved in finger print analysis and identification. The participants also visited the Irish Department of Public Prosecution, the Central Criminal Court, and the headquarters of the Irish Department of Justice.

The use of forensic science, a relatively new tool in criminal justice, will greatly increase the effectiveness of the Palestinian criminal justice system in the prosecution of serious crimes.

EUPOL COPPS and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) sponsored the visit.

Source: WAFA News