European Conference Calls to Internationalize Prisoners’ Issue

BERLIN, April 28, 2014 (WAFA) – The Berlin-based first European conference on the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails called in its final statement on Monday to internationalize the issue of the prisoners to ‘expose the grave violations being practiced against them.’


The conference called for forming a European-Palestinian legal committee of legal experts to follow up their issue before the international judiciary, and to adjudicate Israeli political and military officials who are accused of committing crimes against the prisoners.


It further called on Palestine to accede to international organizations, such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, to be able to set Israel accountable for committing crimes against the Palestinian people, and to act by all possible means to support the prisoners at the different popular, institutional and international levels.


The conference also called to form a broad international alliance to pressure Israeli to release Palestinian lawmakers and mandate European delegations to visit them, as well as to form a medical committee of expert practitioners to salvage the sick prisoners and provide them with health care and treatment. Media, political, educational and social support for the prisoners was also set forth in the final statement.


Participants emphasized the need that the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations should be based on the international and UN terms of reference, in addition to halting settlement construction and expansion and unconditionally releasing all prisoners in the Israeli jails. They also stressed the Palestinian legitimate rights, on top of which the right of return and the establishment of an independent state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.