Fact Sheet on Ongoing Israeli Aggression in Palestine

Bombe over Gaza

JEDDAH, July 11, 2014  (WAFA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented to the meeting of the executive committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation held Thursday in Jeddah the following fact sheet on the ongoing Israeli aggression in Palestine Since June 13, 2014:

The latest Israeli military aggression in Occupied Palestine, which began on 13 June, had already claimed the lives of 14 Palestinians, including 3 children, when Israel launched repeated and murderous airstrikes against the Gaza Strip that are still ongoing, decimating entire families, and killing 82 Palestinians, including 14 children. This situation, and the ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity Israel, the occupying power is committing, require immediate international intervention to protect the Palestinian people from this terrible aggression and such genocidal acts.

During this period, Israel also arbitrarily arrested at least 900 Palestinians, including minors and elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

This aggression is the continuation of the systematic policy of oppression and collective punishment against the Palestinian people, with far-reaching consequences. The international community has a duty to intervene and exert all efforts to put an immediate end to these grave breaches and violations and provide the Palestinian people with protection. They also have a duty to hold Israel, the occupying Power, accountable for its crimes. This Israeli aggression aims at undermining Palestinian national unity and institutions, as well as diverting international attention away from the belligerent Israeli occupation and Israeli government’s unwillingness to engage in meaningful negotiations based on international law.

Israeli aggression since the 13th of June:

Killings  96, including 82 in the ongoing criminal assault against the Gaza Strip

Injuries over 600

Raids over 850

Arrests over 900

Flying Checkpoints 504

Settlers Attacks 160

Military Raids, attacks and incursions:

Israeli occupation forces have conducted incursions in nearly all Palestinian cities, resulting in confrontations with the Palestinian civilian population. During said incursions, Israeli occupation forces invaded hundreds of Palestinian homes, raided university campuses, attacked media and civil society institutions. As of the 6th of July, Israeli launched a criminal assault against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip bombing residential homes and killing entire families, in hundreds of military raids.

Palestinians killed and injured:

Between the 13th of June and the 5th of July, 10 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank, including Jerusalem. 9 were killed by Israeli occupation forces, and Mohammad Abu Khudair, was abducted, tortured and killed by terrorist settlers’ groups in Jerusalem. During the same period, Israeli occupation forces killed 4 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Israel, the occupying power, launched on the 6th of July a massive and criminal assault against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, killing over 82 Palestinians, including 14 children, and injuring over 500 Palestinians. These war crimes of terrible magnitude are reminiscent of the previous aggressions against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009 and in 2012, and a reminder of the international community’s failure to uphold its obligation to protect the Palestinian civilian population, to ensure respect for international law and hold Israel accountable for its crimes.

•             Since the 6th of June, Israel intensified its deadly airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, killing over 75 Palestinians, including 13 children. Entire families were killed in the bombing of their homes.

•             On 2 July, Mohammad Abu Khudair, 15 years old, was abducted, tortured, burned and killed by Israeli settlers’ terrorist groups.

•             Israeli forces raided the city of Jenin, and its refugee camp, confrontations took place where Israeli occupation forces shot, and killed Yousef Ibraheem Abu Zaga.

•             On 29 June, Israeli drones launched missiles, killing Mohammad Abu Rizq in Khan Younes in the Gaza Strip, and injuring 2 others.

•             On 27 June, Israeli drones launched missiles towards a vehicle extra-judicially killing, Mohammad Fassih and Osama Al-Husami, near Al-Shat’e refugee camp in Gaza.

•             On 26 June, Israeli occupation forces raided Al-Urub camp, clashed with residents in Sa’ir as they stormed and searched several homes and as a result a 65 year old resident, Fatima Rushdi, suffered a heart attack and died following the attack on her home. 9 residents were also injured.

•             On 25 June, Mustafa Aslan died of serious injuries sustained during clashes with Israeli occupation forces in Qalandiya camp, north of Jerusalem.

•             On 22 June, Israeli occupation forces raided the city of Nablus and the refugee camps of Balata and Al Ain raiding and searching homes. Israeli Forces shot fire and killed Ahmad Khaled.

•             On 22 June, Mahmoud Tarifi, 30 years old, was killed in Ramallah.

•             On 22 June, Israeli occupation forces raided the city of Ramallah, and El Bireh, and confrontations took place where Israeli occupation forces shot fire killing Muhammad Ismael, and injuring 6 others.

•             On 21 June, Israeli occupation forces raided the village of Hares and stormed dozens of homes during which Jameel Ali Suf, 60 years old, died after Israeli forces prevented paramedics from getting him to hospital after he suffered a heart attack during the raid on his house.

•             On 20 June, Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Dura, south of Hebron, shot, and killed the child Muhammad Dodeen, 14 years old.

•             On 16 June, Israeli occupation forces raided the Jalazoun Camp, near Ramallah, and confrontations took place where Israeli Forces shot fire resulting in the killing of Ahmad Samada’, and injuring 4 others.

•             On 14 June, the child Ali Al- Awour, 10 years old, died as a result of his injury sustained during an Israeli air strike (on June 11th, 2014) near Al Sudania, West of Beit Lahia.

Settlers’ attacks:

Over 160 settler attacks have been recorded since the 13th of June. Settlers’ attacks intensified in recent days culminating with the abduction, torture, burning and killing of the 15 year old boy Mohammad ِAbu Khudair. These settlers’ attacks, while taking place without interruption throughout the West Bank, have targeted Palestinian civilians, particularly in occupied Jerusalem.

Arbitrary arrest:

Since the start of the latest Israeli aggression:

•             Over 900 Palestinians have been arrested.

These include:

–              60 released prisoners in the exchange deal of 2011. These include 11 pre-Oslo prisoners, thus bringing up the number of pre-Oslo prisoners to 41.

–              12 Members of Parliament, bringing the number of imprisoned parliamentarians to 23. This constitutes a blatant attack against the elected representatives of the people, against Palestinian democracy and the people’s will.

–              Around 170 of the Palestinians detained in the last two weeks are now held under administrative detention, the worst form of arbitrary detention, bringing the number of administrative detainees to over 350.

This wide arrest campaign brings to over 6000 the number of Palestinian currently imprisoned by Israel.


Israel, the occupying Power, is fully responsible for the escalation in the region, and its criminal assault and actions against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. We call for immediate international protection for the Palestinian people before more lives are lost.

The occupying Power also continues to recklessly incite further violence against Palestinian civilians, resulting in the grave escalation of acts of terror and racist hate crimes by illegal Israeli settlers and occupation forces, as well as other Israeli extremists against Palestinian civilians, including children. Israel’s consistent policy of constructing settlements inside the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, in grave contravention of international law, is the source of tension and continued violence. The occupying Power continues to encourage the impunity with which these crimes are committed by refusing to hold perpetrators of hate crimes against Palestinians responsible for their crimes.

The international community, especially the United Nations, notably the Security Council, must assume its responsibilities as Israel, the occupying Power, continue its aggression, wrecking death, destruction and terror on the Palestinian people under its occupation. The international community has an obligation to intervene at once to stop the war crimes and crimes against humanity Israel is committing in the Gaza Strip and to hold Israel accountable for these crimes, and to actively work to achieve the long overdue end to Israeli occupation and the realization of the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination and independence.


Annex 1

List of Palestinian martyrs in the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip

1)            Ibrahim Balawi, 24 years old,

2)            Abdul-Rahman Al-Zamili, 22 years old,

3)            Mustafa Abu Mur, 20 years old

4)            Khalid Abu Mur, 20 years old (twin brother of Mustapha Abu Mur)

5)            Ibrahim Abdeen, 42 years old,

6)            Mazin Al-Jerba, 30 years old

7)            Marwan Salim, 27 years old

8)            Rashad Yaseen, 27 years old,

9)            Mohammad Sha’ban, 24 years old,

10)          Amjad Sha’ban, 30 years old,

11)          Khader Al-Bashiliqi, 45 years old,

12)          Mohammad Ayman Ashoor, 15 years old,

13)          Riyad Kawar’, 50 years old,

14)          Hussein Youssef Kaware’, 13 years old,

15)          Mohammad Kaware’, 50 years old,

16)          Bassem Kaware’, 10 years old,

17)          Baker Mohammad Judeh, 22 years old,

18)          Ammar Judeh, 26 years old,

19)          Mohammad Habeeb, 22 years old,

20)          Ahmad Mousa Habeeb, 16 years old,

21)          Saqer Al-Ajoori, 22 years old,

22)          Ahmad Mahdi, 16 years old,

23)          Hafez Hamad, 30 years old,

24)          Ibrahim Mohammad Hamad, 26 years old,

25)          Mahdi Hamad, 46 years old,

26)          Fawzia Hamad, 62 years old

27)          Donia Hamad, 16 years old,

28)          Suha Hamad, 25 years old

29)          Sulieman Abou Sawaween, 22 years old,

30)          Siraj Abdel-Al, 8 years old,

31)          Abdel-Hadi El-Sofi, 24 years old,

32)          Rasheed Al-Kafarneh, 30 years old,

33)          Nayfeh Farag Allah, 80 years old,

34)          Abdelnasser Abu Kuwaik, 60 years old,

35)          Khaled Abu Kuwaik, 31 years old,

36)          Mohammad Areef, 13 years old,

37)          Mohammad Malka, 1 year old,

38)          Amneh Malka, 27 years old,

39)          Hatem Abu Salem,

40)          Mohammad Al-Namra, 22 years old,

41)          Sahar Hamdan Al-Masri, 40 years old,

42)          Ibrahim Al-Masri, 14 years old,

43)          Mohammad Al-Nawasra, 4 years old,

44)          Nidal Al-Nawasra,

45)          Aisha Nijm

46)          Salah Al-Nawasra,

47)          Mahmoud Al-Nawasra,

48)          Amal Abdelghafour,

49)          Raneem Abdelghafour

50)          Hani Hamad, 57 years old,

51)          Ibrahim Hamad, 20 years old,

52)          Salima Al-Arga, 60 years old,

53)          Maryam Al-Arga, 11 years old,

54)          Hamed Shihab, 37 years old,

55)          Ibrahim Qanan, 24 years old,

56)          Mohammad Qanan, 26 years old,

57)          Suleiman Al-Astal, 55 years old,

58)          Hamdi Sawali, 33 years old,

59)          Ahmad Sawali, 28 years old

60)          Mohammad Al-Aqad, 24 years old,

61)          Raed Shalat, 37 years old,

62)          Asmaa Mahmoud Al-Hag,

63)          Tareq Saed Al-Hag,

64)          Saed Mahmoud Al-Hag,

65)          Najla Mahmoud Al-Hag,

66)          Najla Fatima Al-Hag,

67)          Omar Al-Hag,

68)          Bassima Abdelfattah Al-Hag, 57 years old,

69)          Ahmad Al-Astal,

70)          Musa Al-Astal,

71)          Raed Al-Zawra’a, 33 years old,

72)          Mahmoud Lutfi Al-Hag, 58 years old,

73)          Bahaa Abu Al-Leil, 35 years old,

74)          Salem Qandeel, 27 years old,

75)          Amer Fayoumi, 30 years old

76)          Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazal, 5 years old,

77)          Ismail Hasan Abu Game’, 19 years old,

78)          Mohammad Ehsan Farawneh, 18 years old,

79)          Mahmoud Waloud,

80)          Ala Abdel Nabi,

81)          Hazem Ba’lushe


Annex 2

Names of imprisoned parliamentarians and re-arrested prisoners

List of imprisoned Members of Parliament

1)            Marwan Barghouthi, first Member of Parliament to be abducted in 2002 and the most prominent Palestinian prisoner. Spent 19 years in Israeli jails, including the last 12 years.

2)            Ahmed Sa’adat, Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Abducted from Jericho prison in 2006 in violation of an international agreement.

3)            Ahmad Atoun, (Jerusalem), held for years in administrative detention and now Israel, the occupying Power, is contemplating presenting an accusation list against him

4)            Mahmoud Ramahi, elected Secretary of the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006, administrative detention

5)            Abdel-Jaber Foqaha, (Ramallah), administrative detention

6)            Mohammad Jamal, (Al-Khalil),  administrative detention

7)            Hatem Qufaisha, (Al-Khalil),  administrative detention

8)            Nizar Ramadan, (Al-Khalil),  administrative detention

9)            Mohammad Badr, (Al-Khalil),  administrative detention

10)          Mohammad Abu Teir, (Jerusalem),  administrative detention

11)          Yasser Mansour, (Nablus),  administrative detention


MPs arrested during the ongoing Israeli aggression

12)          Aziz Dweik, (Al-Khalil), elected Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006

13)          Hassan Youssef, (Ramallah), administrative detention

14)          Ahmad Totah, (Jerusalem), administrative detention

15)          Abdelrahman Zeidan, (Tulkarem)

16)          Ibrahim Abou Salem, (Jerusalem), administrative detention

17)          Housni El-Bourini, (Nablus)

18)          Azzam Salhab, (Al-Khalil), administrative detention

19)          Ayman Daraghmeh, (Ramallah), administrative detention

20)          Ahmad Mubarak, (Ramallah), administrative detention

21)          Anwar Zboun (Bethlehem)

22)          Khaled Tafesh (Bethlehem)

23)          Imad Nofal (Qalqilya)


Former Ministers Wasfi Qubaha and Khaled Abu Arafeh were also placed in administrative detention.

List of the prisoners released in the 2011 exchange deal who have been arrested in the last two weeks

Re-arrested pre-Oslo prisoners

1.            Nael Barghouthi

2.            Nidal Zaloum

3.            Abd El-Men’em Othman To’meh

4.            Majdi Atieh Suleiman ‘Ajouli

5.            Ayed Khalil

6.            Samer El-Mahroum

7.            Alaa El-Bazyan

8.            Adnan Maragha

9.            Ibrahim Mesh’aal

10.          Nasser Abedrabbo

11.          Othman Musleh


12.          Safwan Al-‘Ewaiwi

13.          Rabee’ Barghouthi

14.          Suleiman Abu Eid

15.          Ibrahim Shalash

16.          Ibrahim Al-Masri

17.          Zuheir Sakafi

18.          Ahmad Al-‘awawdeh

19.          Bassam Na’im Al-Natsheh

20.          Mahmoud Al-Swaiti

21.          Mu’amar Al-Ja’bari

22.          Khaled Makhamra

23.          Abbas Shabaneh

24.          Rasmi Maharik

25.          Nayef Shawamreh

26.          Na’eem Masalmeh

27.          Mu’az Abu Rmouz

28.          Amer Moqbel

29.          Ashraf Al-Wawi

30.          Muhamad Barakat

31.          Moayad Jalad

32.          Ya’koub Al-Kilani

33.          Aref Fakhouri

34.          Waheeb Abu Al-Rob

35.          Muhamad Saleh El-Rishek

36.          Mu’amar Ghawadra

37.          Imad Mussa

38.          Abdelrahman Salah

39.          Ashraf Abu El-Rob

40.          Wael Jalboush

41.          Nidal Abdelhaq

42.          Taha Al-Shakhsheer

43.          Zaher Khatatbeh

44.          Hamza Abu Arkoub

45.          Mahdi El-Assi

46.          Shadi Zayed

47.          Ibrahim Salim

48.          Jamal Abu Saleh

49.          Isama’il Hijazi

50.          Rajab Tahan

51.          Samer Issawi

52.          Khader Radee

53.          Imad Fatouni

54.          Muhamad Issa Awad

55.          Suleiman Abu Seif

56.          Amjad Abdelkarim Khaldi

57.          Ahmad Hamad

58.          Khaled Ghizan

59.          Bushra Al-Taweel

60.          Nizar Taqatqa

61.          Nayef Radwan

Source: WAFA