Families Boycott Prison Visit Due to Humiliating Treatment

RAMALLAH, July 24, 2013 (WAFA) – Families of prisoners from East Jerusalem and inside Israel Wednesday boycotted a planned visit to their sons in an Israeli jail to protest mistreatment by guards of the Israel Prison Service, according to the Prisoner Club.

It said, in a statement, that the prison authorities at Nafha prison in the Naqab desert decided not to continue with the visit planned by the Red Cross as a result of what they said was humiliating treatment.

Families boarded four buses and went in private cars to the prison since two in the morning to be there on time to visit their sons.

However, they were mistreated and ordered to go through humiliating search and those who protested were not allowed in.

In the end, the families decided not to continue with the visit and return Jerusalem to protest the mistreatment to the Red Cross office.

source : WAFA NEWS