Fatah Calls on Hamas to Reach Agreement on Unity Government

RAMALLAH, July 18, 2013 (WAFA) – Azzam al-Ahmad, who heads Fatah delegation to the reconciliation talks with Hamas, Thursday called on Hamas to reach an understanding with Fatah regarding the formation of a new national reconciliation government before August 14.

Ahmad told Mawtini radio that Hamas has proposed August 14 as the date to reach an agreement on the government.

He rejected claims by Hamas that the Palestinian leadership was postponing the reconciliation because of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visits.

He said Hamas has been stalling all these years because “of a regional agenda that has in the end put it in the corner it has found itself in today.”

He said a meeting with Hamas was supposed to be held in Cairo on June 30 in order to follow up on what was agreed upon in previous meetings. However due to the latest internal developments in Egypt the meeting was postponed.

“We are waiting for the resumption of these efforts,” said Ahmad.

source : WAFA NEWS