Fayyad Discusses Economy Development with UK Trade Minister

JERUSALEM, March 14, 2013 (WAFA) – Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and UK Minister of State for Trade & Investment, Stephen Green Wednesday met and discussed developing the Palestinian economy, and how British businesses can benefit while contributing to the Palestinian Authority’s development plans, said a British Consulate General press release on Thursday.

During his visit, Green met the Economic Adviser of President Mahmoud Abbas to explore the fund’s achievements, and the potential contribution of British businesses in its projects.

Green also met with a number of prominent business figures in order to reactivate the Palestine Britain Business Council; attract British retails to open shops in Palestinian shopping and commercial centers and to stimulate further trade and investment links.

He welcomed strong Palestinian business interest in closer ties with Britain and said “I am confident that the skills and commitment of leading Palestinian and British business people will generate much-needed opportunities and jobs both here and in Britain.”

Green assured Fayyad of Britain’s strong support for the work to create the institutions of a Palestinian State, saying “We agreed on the importance of business-to-business contacts, and especially the priority to enable Palestinian small & medium sized businesses to grow and creating jobs.”

The release said that Green also visited the new planned city of Rawabi to learn more about project. Green and Rawabi’s founder, Bashar Masri, explored means of cooperation where British businesses could contribute by providing advanced goods and services to the development of Rawabi.

Source: WAFA News