Finance minister and union discuss salary crisis

RAMALLAH, December 20, 2012 (Ma’an News) PA Finance Minister Nabil Qassis held a meeting with the government employees’ union on Thursday to discuss the payment of public sector salaries.

Around 153,000 PA staff has not received payment for November salaries because Israel chose to withhold $100 million in Palestinian tax revenue as a punishment for the Palestinians recognition in the UN on November 29 this year.

The Palestinian Authority was experiencing a deep financial crisis even before the move, and its 153,000 public sector workers have seen their salaries repeatedly issued late this year.

The PA has borrowed $100 million from banks and announces that it will pay employees partial salaries early next week.  Bassam Zakarneh, union chief said that PA employees had to borrow money for transport to work but were determined to support the government against Israeli “piracy”. The union leader urged banks to pay public sector workers their full salaries.

Source: Ma’an News