Foreign Minister Denies Remarks about Delaying Palestinian Bid at UN for End Occupation

RAMALLAH, November 24, 2014 – (WAFA) – Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki denied Monday statements attributed to him regarding delaying the submission of the Palestinian bid at UN Security Council to specify a deadline for the end of the Israeli occupation.

Local media reported al-Malki as stating that the Palestinian leadership has delayed submitting a draft resolution to the UN Security demanding setting a timetable for ending the Israeli occupation.

Al-Malki was also reported as stating that the Palestinian leadership made such a decision since it had yet to lobby to secure a nine-vote majority in the Security Council on the draft proposal and noted that the Iran nuclear talks were given top priority by the Security Council permanent members.

Affirming recent explicit statements made by President Mahmoud Abbas, al-Malki stated that the Palestinian leadership was proceeding with the efforts to submit the draft resolution to the UN Security Council and noted that the draft resolution would be submitted after relevant negotiations with France, on behalf of the European Union states, are concluded and  after representatives of the UN Security Council permanent members conclude their latest round of talks with Iran in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

He noted that that submission would take place also following a meeting between President Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab Follow-up Committee slated to take place on November 29 in Cairo.

The top diplomat affirmed that ‘procedural steps’ are still being taken by the leadership to pass a blueprint of the draft resolution and that subsequent steps would be taken in preparation for setting a date to vote on it.

The top official affirmed that the bid is not delayed and would be submitted as soon as relevant procedures, which are underway, are concluded irrespective of the results of the negotiations with the Security Council members. He said that the voting on the draft resolution is expected to take place within the next ten days.