Foreign Minister Says US May Get More Involved in Talks

RAMALLAH, September 9, 2013 (WAFA) – Foreign Minister Riyad Malki said Monday that the United States and President Barack Obama personally may get more involved in the Palestinian-Israeli peace negotiations in order for the talks to achieve their goal by their target date.

Arab foreign ministers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Malki, met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris on Sunday to discuss progress in the peace talks.

Malki, who described on Voice of Palestine the meeting with Kerry as held in “positive and frank atmosphere,” said the next meeting with Kerry will take place in October.

Kerry did not speak about progress in the talks as much as he spoke about “overcoming the difficulties” facing them, said Malki.

He said Obama may personally get involved in the peace process if it becomes necessary to give negotiations a boost.
‘At some stage, the US president will directly follow up these negotiations,’ said Malki.
He said the Arab ministers complained to Kerry about Israeli settlement construction in the occupied territories and its violations and demanded a bigger role for the US administration in the negotiations.

Kerry said he was following all these complaints with the Israeli government, said Malki, adding that Kerry told them not to despair and that there was still time to make progress, stressing US commitment to the talks to reach a final resolution within the nine month target date.

source:WAFA NEWS