Foreign Ministry Condemns Israeli on-the-spot Death Sentence against Palestinians

RAMALLAH, December 2, 2014 (WAFA) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned, in a statement Tuesday, the Israeli forces’ on the spot death sentence against Palestinians suspected of launching anti-Israeli attacks, the latest of which was on Monday, during which Israeli soldiers opened fire at ayoung woman for allegedly stabbing a settler near Bethlehem.

Israeli forces Monday opened fire on Amal Takatka, in her early twenties, shooting her on the spot with four live bullets for allegedly attempting to stab an Israeli settler near Bethlehem, leaving her critically injured and languishing in the hospital, while the settler sustained very minor wounds.

The ministry considered the incident a deliberate, premeditated ‘field execution’  carried out under commands from the Israeli government, noting that the soldiers made no attempts to arrest her and resorted to shooting her instead.

It condemned the “Israeli pretences” under which soldiers are authorized to open fire at Palestinians reportedly accused of launching attacks on Israeli targets.

The ministry held the Israeli government responsible for such “crimes” and called upon the international community to immediately intervene to put an end to this policy [of field execution], which violates international law, international humanitarian laws and the Geneva Conventions.