Foreign Ministry Welcomes EU Conclusions Adopted on Middle East Peace Process

RAMALLAH, May 13, 2014 (WAFA) – Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed Tuesday the European Union’s statement, issued during the EU’s foreign ministers’ meeting held in Brussels on Monday, regarding Conclusions adopted on the Middle East Peace process, including the intra-Palestinian reconciliation and the peace process.


The ministry expressed appreciation for the continued economic and financial support of the EU to the Palestinian people. In the meantime, it asserted the Palestinian Authority’s commitment to peace negotiations as a way to end the conflict, provided that Israel releases the veteran prisoners, halts settlement construction and abides by the peace process terms of reference.


It called upon all countries, particularly the United States, to continue exerting efforts to reach a two-state solution and force Israel to cease settlement construction and expansion, as well as to curb the aggression of the extremist ‘Tag Price” groups against the Palestinian people, their holy sites and their land.